The Author

This book is the culmination of Catherine’s career as landscape designer and educator. For many years, her sought-after design/build practice - Boussard Garden Design - focused on large residential properties. With her professional practice course she addressed a big void in the curriculum for landscape designers - how to build a profitable business.
She is the 2009 recipient of the Harvard Landscape Institute’s Distinguished Faculty award. She has been an acclaimed lecturer  at numerous conferences including those of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers, last at APLD's 2015 National Conference in Washington D.C.
Catherine is a graduate of Radcliffe’s Program in Landscape Design, is APLD-certified, and holds an MBA. Her earlier career was in marketing/sales in the corporate world and as associate professor of marketing and strategy.

Check out the great review in the Spring issue of APLD's quarterly magazine,The Designer, page 32 to page 35: