This hardcover book, with 310 pages and 188 illustrations, represents the entire Professional Practice course Catherine Wiersema created specifically for landscape designers and landscape architects.  The focus is on residential landscape design, from small projects to large new site design and construction. 

Bonus materials: Five spreadsheets in Excel are available via email to all buyers who place their order on this site  They include: 

       - Hardscape unit prices for a wide variety of materials and hardscape projects.

      -  Planting Labor calculations for all sizes of landscape materials, from the  largest tree to the smallest groundcovers.  Separates materials that require a machine.

      - Landscape budget with plant price calculations, planting labor, drip irrigation budget, hardscape components, management fees, state taxes.

     -  Landscape installation reconciliation, done at conclusion of project.  Provides labor, machine and materials totals for installer and his crews.

     - Overall landscape project reconciliation, with all the components of the landscape budget and the outcome of the finished installation.

Basic knowledge of Excel is required to use these templates.  Instructions are included to help you customize these spreadsheets to your practice.

Book review in the Designer:

Check out the great review in the Spring issue of APLD's quarterly magazine,The Designer, page 32 to page 35: