A Practice Guide to Client Management, Marketing and Profitability

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‘There are thousands of well-educated and highly-qualified landscape designers in this country but only a fraction of them make a decent living. For too long, this talented community has placed its artistry above charging fairly for its services. It is time to figure out a better, fairer way.’  Chapter one

This hands-on textbook includes every topic of Catherine Wiersema’s top rated, semester-long, professional practice course for landscape designers, taught at Radcliffe/Harvard’s Landscape Institute and the Boston Architectural College over the past 15 years. 

Both early-career and advanced landscape designers and landscape architects will find much of value to help them target the best clients, promote and price their services, and above all, manage the multiple phases of happy client relationships.

The book contains Catherine's entire Harvard course.  The free Excel spreadsheets you will receive will give you the tools to create customized budgets that help promote transparency and client/designer trust.



Book cover rendering by Hilarie Holdsworth from a design by C. Wiersema